occasional diary of my native trees - občasný denník mojich stromov

utorok 4. septembra 2018

Sacrifice branch - cut off

When I came home after two weeks vacation, I saw a big fat low sacrifice branch on my prunus. I realized it´s fat enought for my taste...Well, my father-in-law fed and watered really good :)
I cut the appex immediately. If I let it grow till the end of the season, It would surely gain more thickness. The diameter was 17,21 mm.
The next thing I realized was that I first had to work on the ramification of the branch closer to the trunk, and just than let it grow freely. So, I will cut part of the new low branch closer to the main trunk next spring and start to build new branch structure.

štvrtok 2. augusta 2018

Updating my bonsai place

I enlarged my bonsai corner two weeks ago. A part of my collection was separated from the rest of our garden by an old rooted wood fence and thuja hedge. I removed thujas and fence and built a new one. I´m happy with the outcome. I´m planning to rebuild my benches and monkey poles too. Of course, the sunlight protection will be the next. Here a few cell phone pictures.

Shadows at night :)

streda 4. júla 2018

Sacrifice branch

Inspired by elm on Maros bonsai blog, I measured  a sacrifice branch on my Prunus cerasifera this morning. The diameter is 11 mm. As can be seen in a picture taken back in february 2018, this branch started as a young shoot 2-3 mm thin. I guess it will not reach more than 15 mm. We will see at the end of the growing season :) Please, try to guess....

February 2018

pondelok 2. júla 2018

Oleander with exposed roots

Oleander in its first bonsai pot. This is the biggest pot I have ever made. Luckily, no cracks there :)

After the workshop with Tomaž Kovšca and Gašper Gabriel in june 2016.