occasional diary of my native trees - občasný denník mojich stromov

nedeľa 8. apríla 2018

Some of my deciduous trees in spring

Privet in its first pot.

Korean hornbeam after winter pruning and wiring   

Malus silvestris, gift from my bonsai mate :)

Prunus mahaleb in a bigger pot.

Field elm in a new pot.

Prunus cerasifera in leaf.

Prunus tomentosa. I have never ever seen such a young plant from prunus species with so many flowers :)

Acer palmatum kiyohime

streda 28. februára 2018

Prunus cerasifera - myrobalan plum

This tree came into my garden last autumn when one of our older club members decided to reduce the collection. Its our native species, a myrobalan plum. It was little neglected for a short time. Many inner branches were dry. Pictures before and after show how I cleaned the tree. I get rid off all dead and unnecessary branches. Next step will be repoting into better substrate, good feeding and watering during the growing season.
The tree has many defects as a bonsai, mostly the missing surface roots from back side. On the other side, the tree is quite old and has its own character. It reminds me of really old deciduous trees. Overall appearance is great, I love it.

Pictures before cleaning.

After cleaning during the winter.

štvrtok 4. januára 2018

happy new year 2018

I wish to all my bonsai friends and blog readers a happy new year 2018 !

Winter sunset directly in front of our house. 
From left to right are burning white poplars and common alders.  
Dark branches on the right belong to dead walnut and plum tree.