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utorok 4. septembra 2018

Sacrifice branch - cut off

When I came home after two weeks vacation, I saw a big fat low sacrifice branch on my prunus. I realized it´s fat enought for my taste...Well, my father-in-law fed and watered really good :)
I cut the appex immediately. If I let it grow till the end of the season, It would surely gain more thickness. The diameter was 17,21 mm.
The next thing I realized was that I first had to work on the ramification of the branch closer to the trunk, and just than let it grow freely. So, I will cut part of the new low branch closer to the main trunk next spring and start to build new branch structure.

5 komentárov:

  1. Aaand the lucky winner isss: ME!
    To be fair/taking into account the remaining season - Maros has made a better guess.

    1. YES!
      And Yes.
      The main price is a bottle of wine/beer served in my garden :)

    2. Vlado is the winner. But I can substitute him with the Wine thing though :)

    3. Both of you are welcomed, no matter who is the winner. Cheers.

  2. I wish I could make it one day... Anyway, great to have the both of you on the blog.