occasional diary of my native trees - občasný denník mojich stromov

pondelok 12. októbra 2015

A few of my trees bearing fruits

The autumn is already coming and trees ripen fruits. I found the time to take some pictures, although the leaves are not coloured yet. If I waited a few days for better colours, birds can eat those fruits.
1. My Euonymus raft is bearing so many fruits for the very first time! I´m really happy with this species, despite of big leaves and a little unkempt shape. Leaves will soon color to red and dark purple.

2. Lonicera nitida - Box honeysuckle. This composition with stones and accent plants belongs to my son. We were very surprised, when we first saw purple fruits on the tiny tree.

3. Berberis Thunbergii No.1

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  1. Tento komentár bol odstránený autorom.

  2. Krása. All of them look great. My favourite is the Spindle tree though. I really like the strange beauty of their fruits. Urgently need one in my place...:)

    1. Hi Vlado,
      thanks for your kind words. Yes, fruits of the Spindle trees are reallly great. Love them when they are fully opened. I hope I will pin up here a picture with better colored leaves and fruits in a few days. They get better day by day :)