occasional diary of my native trees - občasný denník mojich stromov

piatok 1. apríla 2016

Populus nigra - Black poplar

Black poplar, digged 3-4 years ago from a local quarry. I put it in to first bonsai pot and wired basic branches. It has almost no surface roots, but has a great old-looking bark. I hope it will not suffer from fungal diseases, as my other white poplar.

Hornbeam No. 2 - Hrabík č.2

Hornbeam Snake

I changed the position of the tree and put it back to training plastic container.
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Shohin: euonymus 2

This is another small Spindle tree, which was dig from the railway embankment as my ather Spinle trees in spring 2012. I wasn´t happy with the reverse taper of the tree in the midle part, where all the branches starts to grow from the trunk. I decided for clear solution and left only one branch. Front part of the trunk was turned into deadwood. I put it in this cheap training pot.

Spring 2016

October 2015

November 2013

After digging in spring 2012.

Shohin: euonymus 1

Update of this little Spindle tree - in my new pot :)
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