occasional diary of my native trees - občasný denník mojich stromov

piatok 29. júla 2016

Hornbeam "SNAKE" in leaves

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Purple Smoke Bush - Cottinus Coggygria "Royal Purple"

This tree comes from my parent´s garden. It was styled for the first time in our club meeting in march 2016 and this is how it looks now. Leaves are not purple, because it is situated in a shade. Needs a full sun !



Trident maple forest

I was lucky and gained a nice shallow pot from older member of our Danubius Bonsai Club.
Two years ago I put some maple seedlings in it and started a new project - mini forrest.



Three young shohins

All of this little trees are from seeds:
1. Trident Maple
2. Cotoneaster multiflorus
3. Cotoneaster multiflorus

Oleander in leaf

Back in leaf after defoliation in the SBA workshop

My new pots III

1. Big blue rectangle circa 40x30 cm
2. Green oval cca 30 cm, unfortunatelly with a long crack on one side.
3. Little shohin rectangle, circa 15 cm, with a new surface technique
4. ??? cubism kusamono pot :)

My new Spindle tree #4 - bunjin

I shouldn´t show this tree, because it´s a new yamadori from spring 2016. This little delicate cascading bunjin is making me really crazy. I can not stop admiring his dancing trunk, as thin as a pencil :) It has already flowered, unfortunatelly I didn´t take a single picture. It is definitely a different species of euonymus, as my other Spindle trees are. This little fellow comes from the ruins of an old castle in the Carpathian mountains. My euonymus raft, and both shohins are from railway embankment.