occasional diary of my native trees - občasný denník mojich stromov

utorok 28. novembra 2017

Small japanese maples

All these young plants are from seeds or cheap garden material. Its fun to grow them in pots. They have never ever been in field.  I don´t know the exact varieties...
1. A.p. with "cut" leaves.
2. A.p. with "common" leaves.
3. A.p. atropurpureum with red leaves


Autumn 2017

The same plant in autumn 2012

Second one - development spring 2013 - autumn 2017.

Very first picture of A.p. atropurpurpureum from autumn 2013.

Atropurpureum in november 2017 before pruning.

And after pruning and wiring.

pondelok 27. novembra 2017

Pinus mugo NTC

Small tree from Slovak New Talent Competition in 2014. I planted it right in the field after the competition. After three years was the tree strong enough to go back to training pot with better substrate. I did the second styling and complete wiring last saturday on our club workshop. Its a pity that I didn´t planted it in the right position in spring 2017.

The tree after the competition in june 2014.

Autumn 2017 before...

...and after.

sobota 25. novembra 2017

Acer palmatum kiyohime

I bought this little japanese maple in may 2017. I was really charmed by its tiny leaves. Autumn leaves were fabulous too. Yes, its a cheap commercial tree. Yes, I love maples :)