occasional diary of my native trees - občasný denník mojich stromov

pondelok 23. októbra 2017

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This tree gave me my uncle a few years ago, as a half-dead stump. It is an Acer Pseudoplatanus, known as a sycamore maple ( in Slovak Javor horský ). Actually another species not suitable for bonsai, due to its big leaf size and long internodes. BUT... It is our native maple, so I decided to add it in my collection. It attracts me somehow :)

As it came to my garden in the middle of august 2012.

After inicial works in spring 2013. As can be seen, I changed planting angle and removed dead part of the trunk.

Jun 2017 after defoliation.

October 2017 after wiring. Height of the tree is less than 30 cm.

Everytime I look at the tree, I hear that song in my ears :)

nedeľa 22. októbra 2017