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utorok 28. novembra 2017

Small japanese maples

All these young plants are from seeds or cheap garden material. Its fun to grow them in pots. They have never ever been in field.  I don´t know the exact varieties...
1. A.p. with "cut" leaves.
2. A.p. with "common" leaves.
3. A.p. atropurpureum with red leaves


Autumn 2017

The same plant in autumn 2012

Second one - development spring 2013 - autumn 2017.

Very first picture of A.p. atropurpurpureum from autumn 2013.

Atropurpureum in november 2017 before pruning.

And after pruning and wiring.

pondelok 27. novembra 2017

Pinus mugo NTC

Small tree from Slovak New Talent Competition in 2014. I planted it right in the field after the competition. After three years was the tree strong enough to go back to training pot with better substrate. I did the second styling and complete wiring last saturday on our club workshop. Its a pity that I didn´t planted it in the right position in spring 2017.

The tree after the competition in june 2014.

Autumn 2017 before...

...and after.

sobota 25. novembra 2017

Acer palmatum kiyohime

I bought this little japanese maple in may 2017. I was really charmed by its tiny leaves. Autumn leaves were fabulous too. Yes, its a cheap commercial tree. Yes, I love maples :)

pondelok 23. októbra 2017

*** fat bottomed girl ***

This tree gave me my uncle a few years ago, as a half-dead stump. It is an Acer Pseudoplatanus, known as a sycamore maple ( in Slovak Javor horský ). Actually another species not suitable for bonsai, due to its big leaf size and long internodes. BUT... It is our native maple, so I decided to add it in my collection. It attracts me somehow :)

As it came to my garden in the middle of august 2012.

After inicial works in spring 2013. As can be seen, I changed planting angle and removed dead part of the trunk.

Jun 2017 after defoliation.

October 2017 after wiring. Height of the tree is less than 30 cm.

Everytime I look at the tree, I hear that song in my ears :)

nedeľa 22. októbra 2017

štvrtok 10. augusta 2017

Beech trees - Buky R.I.P.

This is the last goodbye to my beech trees. They started to enlarge the new buds in spring, but then after the strong late frosts in the april/ may, didn´t wake up. Picture from may 2017.
Toto je posledné zbohom týmto trom bukom. Na jar začali nalievať puky, ale po neskorých silných mrazoch na prelome apríla a mája sa už nezobudili. Fotka z mája 2017. 

štvrtok 3. augusta 2017

Privet stump

Big ligustrum grows already in a first bonsai pot. It´s not exactly as I wish. New pot should be a little wider and not so deep. I would like to enhance the impression of the group of trees, growing in the flat landscape. The tree is really too heavy weight to carry for one person. The pot is 52 cm long and I said to myself no more such huge trees...
This is after the second trimming in this season. It has quite a brokoli-look. I would like to have in the crown or silhouette some empty spaces, but I´m not sure where to trim and where not...
I hate sharp and exactly defined pads on deciduous trees, they just don´t grow that way. But I feel I neet to lighten the crown. I don´t know how, so I let it in this state for now. I just pulled down some low branches, to make the crown wider.


Raw garden material in spring 2012.

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